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QACraft have been using Cypress for many of its clients to build automation framework for their web application. 

We have built automation frameworks in Cypress for E-commerce, Fintech, E-learning, and Insurance website testing.  Cypress is a very modern automation tool and getting popularity rapidly.

However, cypress has a few limitations as well and is not recommended for mobile app automation as of now. We analyze client web applications, and requirements and then suggest to them if Cypress would be the best option or not for them for the long-term benefits of test automation.

Free free to send us your test automation requirements and we would give you a list of the best tool which work for the automation.

6 Major benefits of using Cypress for automation

Easy to Setup

Cypress made its setup very easy. Configure cypress is all about run few command and setup is ready to use.

Fast Execution

Cypress mechanism is different than selenium. It deals more with DOM and does not send any command to the browser to perform. At the end execution is really much faster in cypress.

Capture Screenshots and Video

Cypress captures running automation screenshots and also provide recorded video once tests are completed. It makes very easy to find root cause if test fail.

Multiple Browser Support

Cypress supports Major 3 browsers - Firefox, Chrome and IE which makes it more flexible and provide more testing scope.

Explicit and Implicit waits

Cypress automatically waits and does not require to provide any explicit wait in most of the cases. It makes automation execution faster.


Cypress Documentation is very detailed and also includes code examples which are easy to follow and understand.

Our recent experience on cypress automation testing

Framework Setup

We do have hands on experience in setting up best framework using cypress. Its not only about download cypress and run few commands but its about build professional automation framework using cypress for the automation.

Framework Stability

At QACraft, We also assist clients to make their cypress framework stable, easy to run and find actual bugs rather than false positive failures. Contact us to make your cypress framework stable, robust and organized.

Test Automation

QACraft provides end to end automation service for your web application using Cypress. Cypress is trending now a days and we have the experts to get benefits of cypress for the web application automation.

CI Integration

You always do not want to run your cypress automation into local machine which creates lots of dependency. We provide service to integration CI like Jenkins, Github actions, Pipelines with your cypress framework.

Cloud Integration

Our team at QACraft also offers to integrate your cypress test on cloud i.e Browserstack, Lambdatest and many other popular clouds. Cloud provides testing in multiple browsers at the same time.

Visual Testing

We can also build framework using Cypress which compares your web page before and after and provides report about difference found on UI based on before and after comparison.

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