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Top-Notch Selenium Automated Testing Services

We deliver superior Selenium Automation Testing Services for all types of software & application. We use best-in-class automation test tools based on the requirement, which allows us to provide superior quality service. Our team of Selenium testing specialists is proficient enough to meet the requirements of your project and effectively mitigate your test automation challenges.

Our team holds years of combined test experience and takes absolute responsibility for the web app’s smooth functionality and performance. We use an innovative set of automated tools like Selenium web driver, Java, Python, c#, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Appium, JUnit, etc. that provide detailed reports based on the conducted testing. We allow our clients to minimize operational costs with the perfect testing framework.

We truly believe that the key to our success is our skilled team that is well experienced in working with any software test framework solution. Our proficient team designs the test strategy to check the range of parameters such as speed, functionality, performance, loading time, quality, and much more to give you an in-depth report about the same.

With us, you can leverage a quick turnaround time and faster resolution to your issues. We have extensive experience (in working with SMEs start-ups, and big giant enterprises) in providing state-of-the-art automation testing services.

6 Major benefits of using selenium webdriver for automation

Supports Multiple Browsers

Selenium supports all the major browsers and Os hence automation framework can be run and tested on multiple browsers without any hassle or 3rd party dependency.

Open Source

Selenium charge you nothing. Its 100% open source tool and are easy to use for the automation testing and to make testing faster than before.

Multiple Language Support

Selenium supports Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C# and Perl programming languages. Automation script can be written in any of above programming language.

Parallel Test Execution

Selenium Grid allows to open multiple browsers at the same time and run multiple testcases parallel which makes test suite execution fast and you get report soon.

Minimal Depedency

Selenium does not need high configured machines and hardware. It can be use and run without much hardware and other 3rd party tools installations.


Selenium community always push the updated to stay compatible with latest changes in browsers or any valid bug fixes. That way it makes selenium more powerful.

Our recent experience on selenium automation testing

Travel Application

We have an on-hand experience of testing travel-based applications used for making bookings to help you serve better to your potential clients. All the testing are performed with a set of different devices and situations to test all the functionalities of the app.

Social Application

At QACraft, we also build automation test frameworks for social media applications keeping all the vital parameters of the app in mind to deliver a first-class experience for the users and make the app more interactive.

Finance Application

We have proven testing strategies and automation setup for banking and finance android application which help us to test it better. It also includes automation of payment transfer, Debit, Credit, Customer accounts, funds and lot more.

Healthcare Application

We are experienced with pharmaceutical, medical, doctor and healthcare related web and mobile application automation testing.

Game Testing

Our team at QACraft also offers to test your gaming mobile applications by using different types of automation and other needed features of the app to make it user-engaging.

Retail App Testing

We offer automation testing services for the retail-based application to enhance the shopping experience of your customers and help them have a convenient application for the same.

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