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Top 20+ Software Testing Service provider company 2023

Are you looking for Software Testing and QA Service providers that can improve your app or website quality? Now you don’t need an in-house QA team/engineers to maintain your website or applications. They all provide affordable and bug-free solutions to software with great quality around the world.

QACraft has been recognized as the Top 30 Software Testing Companies by DesignRush.

DesignRush is a business-to-business marketplace that links companies with full-service agencies, web design firms, digital marketing firms, and top technology corporations. Thousands of decision-makers who are looking to launch a project use their platform, which lists over 9,300 organizations from over 50 countries.

QACraft is a leading software testing and quality assurance service provider that helps businesses to achieve rapid growth and income through their testing and quality assurance solutions.

QA Companies in India offer Software Testing Services that are as below:

  • Mobile application testing service for both Android and ios devices
  • Automation Testing Solutions
  • Functional and Non-functional testing
  • Web Application Testing 
  • Performance Testing, Load Testing, and more.

Here is the list of Top-rated software testing companies that can help to make your web app, website, and mobile app faster. With the help of software testing companies, you can get a better user experience, ROI, and more traffic on your website or application. Some of the companies listed below provide software development services too, find the best QA consultants here.

Top 20 Software Testing Companies that provide the best QA(Quality Assurance) services in India.

  1. QACraft
  2. Testlio
  3. Impact qa
  4. Testbytes
  5. Sapizon
  6. Kiwiqa
  7. Thinksys
  8. Qasource
  9. Cigniti
  10. Testingxperts
  11. QAinfotech
  12. Qualitlabs
  13. TESTRIG QualitiesES
  14. Bugraptors
  15. DeviQA
  16. A1QA
  17. ScienceSoft
  18. Infosys
  19. Hexaware
  20. PerfectQA Services
  21. Indium software

Read in the brief about the top software testing service providers in India.

1) QACraft

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Service cost: contact them for a quote.

Core Services: Mobile App Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Non-functional Testing, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Game Testing, and more.

Clients: MobileMoxie, ireckon, Cloudways, Zubi – Sensational Food labeling, and more.

QACraft is one of the leading software testing companies located in Vadodara, India. QACraft has an experienced team of QA Testers, who love to find bugs and make your product bug-free and robust. The expertise of the company in both Website and Application Testing(Android and iOS testing). They are offering Mobile app testing with real devices like iOS, Android, and Tablets. The team has successfully tested more than 50 projects(on various kinds of domains and applications like e-commerce testing, healthcare testing, banking domain testing, game testing, and more). QACraft delivers 20+ software testing and QA services in India, the USA, Australia, and Worldwide.

2) Testlio

Headquarters: USA

Service cost: contact them for a quote.

Core Services: Automation Testing, Mobile App Testing, Non-functional Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Location Testing, Exploratory Testing

Clients: American Express, Amazon, Microsoft, CBS, Hotels.com, the NBA, etc

Testlio provides web and mobile app testing services worldwide. Testlio has more than 5 years of experience in this industry with a complete range of QA services.

3) Impact QA

Headquarters: New York, USA

Service cost: contact them for a quote.

Core Services: Test Automation, Penetration services, Blockchain Testing, Non-functional Testing, Functional Testing, Web App Testing, Performance Testing, AI Testing, and more.

Clients: Ericsson, Delos, Panasonic, Terex, RocketinInternet

Impact QA is a testing company located in New York, USA. They have offices in India, the United Kingdom, and Germany too. For more than 8 years they have provided QA services.

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4) TestBytes

Headquarters: USA

Core Services: Test Automation, Volume Testing, Sanity Testing, Non-functional Testing, Security Testing, Web Application Testing, Software Performance Testing, and more.

Clients: Softbreaks, Learnpicks, Redbytes, Lyrico, Keepity, Queskr, Staffion

Testbytes has been offering QA services for more than 8 years. They provide services like automation testing, functional testing, web app testing, and more.

5) Sapizon

Headquarters: Gandhinagar(Gujarat)

Core Services: Customer and Technical support, Cloud Services like cloud optimization, cloud operation, cloud transformation, Testing services like web app testing, automation testing, usability testing, VR app, and Game testing, and Web development services too.

Sapihas started its journey in 2015. Sapizon is located in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and their other offices are in Mysuru and Pleasanton, USA. Contact them for Testing as well as web development consulting.

6) KiwiQA

Headquarters: Australia

Core Services: Code Verification, Accessibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, SEO Testing, SalesForce Testing, Security Testing, Crowd Testing, CRM Testing, and more.

Clients: Unify, NorthWestern University, Uorderit, Cactus, Codeclouds

KiwiQA has vast experience in delivering testing services. KiwiQA is located in Ahmedabad, India. Their other offices are in New South Wales, Australia, and Norway. Contact them for Test Process Consulting.

7) ThinkSys

Headquarters: USA

Core Services: Usability Testing, Localization Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing, and more.

Their Development services are Java Development, Python Development, ROR Development, NodeJs development, ReactJs development, Blockchain apps, and more.

Clients: Corbis, Bond University, Proactive, ServiceMash, Allegro

Thinksys provide Testing services as well as software development services. The Headquarters of Thinksys is in the USA, but their other office is in India too. They have 5+ years of experience in this field.

8) QASource

Headquarters: CA, USA

Core Services: API Testing, Mobile QA testing, QA analysis Testing, Salesforce Testing, and more.

Clients: Techsmith, Target, Dartmouth, Riverdeep, Looksmart, Telespree

QASource is a testing outsourcing company headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA with offices in Mexico and India. QASource has offered testing services since 2002.

9) Cigniti

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Core Services: Quality assurance services, Quality Engineering Testing, Next Generation Testing, DevOps testing, ERP Testing, Test Data management, and more

Clients: Gamestop, Cipla, Recoh, SouthWest, Aviva, Atom Bank

Cigniti is a QA service Provider located in Hyderabad, India. They have offices in other countries as are USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and South Africa.

10) Testingxperts

Headquarters: UK

Core Services: Digital testing, IoT testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, Cloud Testing, Data Migration Testing, AI-based testing, and more.

Clients: 8 x 8 , Flying centre travel group, Damco, Maxor, Practo, Acko

Testingxperts is a testing service provider headquartered in London, UK, and other test labs in various cities of the USA, and India. It is an ISO-certified Company.

11) QAinfotech

Headquarters: Noida, India

Core Services: Crowdsourced testing, Cloud testing, Mobile Testing, Globalization Testing, SAP testing, and more.

Their Software Development services: E-learning, Data Science, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, and more

QAinfotech is an offshore testing company that also provides development services. They have years of experience in this field. They have headquartered in Noida, India, and other office locations in the USA, and Canada.

12) Qualitlabs

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Core Services: Globalization testing, Cross-browser testing, Continuos testing, Installation Testing, ERP testing, UI Testing, QA requirement testing, Functional testing, and more.

Qualitlabs is offering quality testing services in India, the USA, and Worldwide. Qualitlabs offers testing services on various domains like healthcare testing, and game testing. and more.


Headquarters: Texas, USA

Core Services: Web automation testing, Usability testing, Cloud testing, Android App Testing, Performance Testing, Web App testing, Functional testing, and more.

Clients: Basket, Perpule, Spentra, Upstock

Testrig Technologies provides end to end-testing services for all your needs. They are offering 20+ types of QA services.

14) Bugraptors

Headquarters: CA, USA

Core Services: Web automation testing, Functional testing, Manual testing, Quality Assurance Testing, Performance Testing, Web Application testing, AI testing, and more.

Bugraptors is a software testing company, based in Mohali(India). Bugraptors is an ISO-certified company offering QA services worldwide. They have headquartered in CA, USA.

15) DeviQA

Headquarters: New York, USA

Core Services: API testing, Agile testing, DevOps Testing, Manual Testing, QA outsource Testing, Full Cycle testing, Automated testing, and more.

DeviQA has been in this industry for more than 7 years. They are offering a full range of QA services. DeviQA has a team of specialists that can help to make your app or website bug-free.

16) A1QA

Headquarters: CO, USA

Core Services: Cybersecurity testing, Usability testing, Compatibility testing, Microservices Testing, AR and VR Testing, IOT testing, CRM testing, and more.

Clients: SAP, Pearson, Acronis, Innogames, Telekom Austria Group

A1QA has offered Quality assurance services since 2003. This Company is headquartered in Lakewood(CO), United States, and has testing labs in 6 European countries.

17) ScienceSoft

Headquarters: Texas, USA

Core Services: Automated testing, Manual testing, Non-functional testing, Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, and more.

Their Software Development services are Web portal development, Ecommerce development, PHP development, Java development, Python development, and more.

Clients: Lixar, Broadsoft, Scout, Emolytics, Chiron Health

Sciencesoft has been providing IT Consulting services Since 1989. They are headquartered in TX, USA, and opened a middle east office in UAE(2020) having gained the trust of the Gulf region.

18) Infosys

Headquarters: India

Core Services: Agile testing, DevOps testing, SAP testing, Cyber Security Testing, IOT Testing, Cloud Testing, Package Testing, Infrastructure Testing, and more.

Infosys is the second-largest IT company in India after TCS. Infosys provides software development, testing services, digital services, and more. They have offices in various cities in Canada, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru.

19) Hexaware

Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, India

Core Services: Autonomous Testing, Managed Testing, Test Automation, Data-Centric Testing, Application Security Assurance, and more.

Hexaware is a leading IT consulting and Digital Solution provider located in Navi Mumbai, India. Hexaware offers services like Application transformation management, Business intelligence, and analytics services, Business process services, Customer experience transformation, Digital assurance services, Enterprise solutions, Infrastructure services, and more.

20) PerfectQA Services

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Core Services: Load Performance Testing, Test Consulting, Manual Testing, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Testing, Web Testing, Test Automation, and more.

PerfectQA Services has offered QA services globally for more than 10 years. They have global offices in Ahmedabad, India, and Canada.

21) Indium Software

Headquarters: India

Core Services: Performance testing, Security testing, Game testing, Regression testing, AI testing, IOT testing, Data assurance, and more.

Indium Software offers Digital services like Big data services, Text analysis, Data lake solutions, Full stock development, Data warehouse, and QA services like test automation, manual testing, mobile testing, and more. Indium Software has global offices in the USA, India, the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Are you looking for QA consultants in India? You can choose the best Software QA Consultancy here, based on your needs and financial limits to ensure the effective launch of your application.

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