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Mobile App Testing vs Web App Testing

Mobile App Testing vs Web App Testing

Introduction: To succeed in this fast-paced technological world, businesses must maximize their visibility. Businesses must provide excellent software platforms for their customers to interact on the web and mobile devices because their target audience is on the web and mobile


What is Test Plan? – A Complete Guide

A test plan often lists the requirements, risks, test cases, testing environments, business and quality objectives, test timelines, and other things. What is a Test Plan? The strategy, goals, timetable, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to carry out testing on


Cypress Vs Selenium – Key Differences

In this article, we will see the differences between Cypress vs Selenium. Test Automation is vital for the software development process to deliver excellence in a shorter release cycle. So, picking the right Test Automation structure like Selenium or Cypress


Cypress Testing: What It Is and How to Get Started?

Cypress testing is basically an eIt empowers front-end designers and test computerization architects to compose mechanized web tests in JavaScript, the fundamental language utilized for creating sites. The utilization of JavaScript makes Cypress testing computerization particularly appealing to engineers’ end-to-end

Why Healthcare Industry Needs QA Testing

In this article, we will see why quality assurance testing is so essential in the healthcare industry. Speed and quality are the center fundamentals for serving the medical care area effectively. Digitization is one of the significant forward leaps that

Top 6 Phases of Agile Process Model

Agile refers to something that is quick or adaptable. A software development approach based on iterative development is referred to as an “agile process model.” Agile approaches divide projects into smaller iterations or sections and avoid long-term planning. The scope

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