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Selenium Best Practice

Selenium Best Practices For Web Testing

Introduction: Web testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the functionality, usability, performance, and security of a web application or website. It is an essential step in the software development life cycle as it ensures that the web application

Guide To Generate Extent Reports In Selenium WebDriver

In this article, We will learn How to generate Extent Reports in Selenium WebDriver. What are Extent Reports? Extent Reports is an open-source reporting library useful for test robotization. It can be fluently integrated with major testing fabrics like JUnit,


Cypress Vs Selenium – Key Differences

In this article, we will see the differences between Cypress vs Selenium. Test Automation is vital for the software development process to deliver excellence in a shorter release cycle. So, picking the right Test Automation structure like Selenium or Cypress


Waits in Selenium – Explicit, Implicit and Fluent Wait

Waits in Selenium Waits in selenium are used whenever there is a loading wait is required in the automation script. Waits can be hard type or soft type. Most of the time only soft type wait is used in automation

Css Selector in Selenium

Basically, the CSS Selector joins a component selector and selector esteem that can distinguish specific components on a site page. Like XPath, a CSS selector can be utilized to find web components without ID, class, or Name. Type of CSS

Selenium 3 Vs Selenium 4

In this article, We will see the difference between Selenium 3 vs Selenium 4, the Architecture of Selenium 3 and Selenium 4, and the Advantages of Selenium 4. Selenium is widely used nowadays in the industry and extensively used framework

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