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Get Quality Results with QACraft’s Manual Testing Services

As new technologies are progressing, automated testing is actively replacing manual testing. But, it is next to impossible to fully automate testing processes as any new feature in the software must be tested manually first to prove its future automation

what is Stress Testing

Type of System Testing

The software product as a whole is validated through System Testing, a level of testing. The evaluation of the complete system specifications is the goal of a system test. Most of the time, the software is just one part of


What is Test Plan? – A Complete Guide

A test plan often lists the requirements, risks, test cases, testing environments, business and quality objectives, test timelines, and other things. What is a Test Plan? The strategy, goals, timetable, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to carry out testing on


Test Documentation in Software Testing

Test Documentation is a document prepared by the QA team during or before the testing of software projects. Test document reflects the importance of the process for the customer, individual, and organization. What is Test documentation in Software Testing? Test


Real-Time Testing with LambdaTest

What is Real-Time testing? Real-time testing is the procedure of testing a real-time software product or system. It performs live interactive testing of apps and websites on more than 2000 browsers and operating systems. This interactive test session is executed

Key Features of Good Test Cases

Key Features of Good Test Cases Testers rarely think about the difference between average and high-quality tests. If the test case is good, then it is often unnoticeable. It even simply dissolves in the process of software verification. Testers remember

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